torsdag, augusti 06, 2009

Blandade nyheter

Subben från Tinner låter hälsa följande:
Out now!
Next releases:
TINNER/AGATHOCLES 7" split - late august/early september
TINNER/UNHOLY GRAVE 7" split - september
TINNER "Collection Pares" - South American CD Collection

Nakkeskudd plater writing. the reason i write this is that i have a brand new release out now.

bait - run the gauntlet 12"
bait is a midtempo beast of a crusty continuation of deviated instinct. nihilistic, negative and metallic as we need it.

on this record they will not only rip you a new hole with their own songs that was supposed to be a 7" on loderbrock records a while back, but they will also kick it with two coversongs, one crucifix (see through their lies) and one from the almighty antisect (in darkness).
this record was pressed behind their back and given to them as a suprise gift. so because of this, i have only pressed 100 copies of it on white vinyl. i have to be a little more picky on this trade, since i have so few..

pressing info and stuff:
100 onesided copies on white vinyl. 5 songs, incl 2 coversongs. 3 tradepoints / 5,5 euro wholesale
Kvoteringen and Nitad are recording new songs for almighty Kranium Records to be released this fall as volume 3 in the Fuck Your Scene, Kid split 7" series.
(This has nothing to do with the split we released together on MCR a couple of years ago, these are brand new tunes)
Kvoteringen spelar dessutom på Kungen i Sandviken den 23 Oktober

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Slobodan Burgher sa...

oh shit jag skulle kopt den dar biljetten med en gang, synd att man missade den...

hedvux sa...

det e lätt å missa massa goe grejer, dom borde ha nått program som meddelar när nån lägger upp sånt man vill ha, eller en personal shoper!