fredag, februari 29, 2008

Unrest Records; Disrupt + Discharge

Self titled LP on Unrest records (release date:March 1st)

Hello EVERYONE! I'd like to inform you all of a new release available March 1st, 2008 from UNREST RECORDS.

Disrupt 'Self Titled' LP ($12.00 Retail)
After 15 years, this unreleased 12" including 7 unheard blasts of epic legendary hardcore/crust will now become available on 180g vinyl in a slick, embossed and glossed gatefold jacket w/ lyrics. From the same 1993 recording session as the WARCOLLAPSE and SAUNA splits (Lanes in Boston , MA ), these brutal tracks will now see the light of day. Color vinyl is limited so act fast!! Camouflage Splatter and 1/2 Black&White wax is available!!

Discharge 'War is Hell' LP ($11.00)-
Originally released as the Discharge ‘Tour Edition’ CD (2004), this material has now been pressed onto vinyl and CD with bonus tracks. The album features 19 bombs of D-beat including their unreleased 1978 demo along with two tracks from thier 'Beginning is the End' 7". Limited white wax is available.

Bara att vänta till Attack får in Disrupten alltså, blir pärla det!!

måndag, februari 25, 2008

Gigtips Göteborg

End of All, Vasenkätinen, Melmac
Spatt: Torsdag 28/2 på Underjorden, 50:-

torsdag, februari 21, 2008

Faster Katt

Kolla in Faster Katt's myspace, nån riktigt cp och bra form av demented doom/stoner/rock. Jag lovar, det är värt'et

Gigtips Göteborg: Strike Anywhere

Satan va gött, slippa hålla på att åka utanför stan för att se Strike Anywhere, Ei Leiki!
ALLEYCAT presenterar


TOR 22/5
18 bast
165 kr + förköp.
Mer info kommer snart på


Ärligt talat!!! Hoppas det här inte är på riktigt utan att det spårat ur i olust, 1000 spänn för en Massgravsingel!? Ni kan få köpa min för, låt säga 700:- inklusive frakt, det är bara att ni höra av er! Byter den även mot förstapressen(med tippex på omslaget) av Avskum's Crucified by the System...
Följ galenskaperna här
Massgrav har förresten spelat in sin nya fullängdare, blir väl rens i vanlig ordning antar jag, gött dä!

tisdag, februari 19, 2008

Gigtips Göteborg

Pyramido = Ronnie Röj från Dislars/Burst på sång, nått sludgedoom-tjosan

Arise! Amebix

Hm, vet inte vad jag tycker om det här, Amebix är visserligen hur bra som helst men det är lite väl mycket reunions nu, hoppas det blir bra om det nu blir av!

It's official. Amebix have reformed and recorded with Roy Mayorga (ex Nausea)as their new drummer.

From the Baron's myspace blog:Hmmm, well, something strange has happened. The DVD is coming together really well,looking over the whole History of the Band through interviews etc i thought a logical conclusion would be to show how all of us are still creating stuff in our own right,i also wanted to think about showing how strong the songs were,and got the idea to contact Stig about maybe jamming a couple of songs to see how it felt.I also had made contact with Roy Mayorga of Stone sour,sepultura etc,so thought i would talk to him about this (Spider has Tinitus and is no longer able to play)
I really didnt expect Roy to say 'yeah,in a heartbeat!',so that left me in the situation of having to put my money where my mouth was and book flights for everyone to meet up in Ireland last week at the DVD project base,to have a shot at making a video of some of the songs.
My thinking was this,if its no good we will be honest and appraise it accordingly,no-one will ever need to know,and at least we had a shot.However,it was absolutely fucking MAD!ten times better than the original versions,tighter,heavier,stronger.
So what the hell to do?we are going to use this footage and tracks for extras on the DVD,probably doing the whole project DIY now,with a website set up for us to sell our own stuff through,trying to put screencaps and footage on there as the project comes along.
We also hope for an animation of Axeman from a team in Australia,live footage from Jugoslavia,Italy and Newcastle,Photo gallery,full documentary programme with loads of interview stuff,all the material we can bring together in the one place.
strange times......"
"I have,which we will activate soon as a place to show clips and updates etc,as well as selling our own stuff through there.If we can DIY this project it should give a lot of people a bit of inspiration to own their own stuff,we were never paid for any of our releases apart from Arise,this contributed to strangling us slowly to death i believe."

Roy engineered and is mixing/producing the three songs that they did together last week.

Great news indeed. Smile Can live shows be far behind?

tisdag, februari 12, 2008

Punk Illegal Fest 3

27-28 Juni Munkedals Folkpark

Inner Terrestrials (UK)
Avskum (SWE)
Beyond Pink (SWE)
Skitkids (SWE)
Meinhof (UK)
Imperial Leather (SWE)
Project Hopeless (SWE/UK)
Agrimonia (SWE)
Meanwhile (SWE)
Hevn (NO)
World Burns To Death (US)
Oi Polloi (SCO)
Vicious Irene (SWE)
Masshysteri (SWE)
the assassinators (DK)

Skitkids, Avskum och Meanwhile, fan nu måste man ju åka

söndag, februari 10, 2008