fredag, februari 29, 2008

Unrest Records; Disrupt + Discharge

Self titled LP on Unrest records (release date:March 1st)

Hello EVERYONE! I'd like to inform you all of a new release available March 1st, 2008 from UNREST RECORDS.

Disrupt 'Self Titled' LP ($12.00 Retail)
After 15 years, this unreleased 12" including 7 unheard blasts of epic legendary hardcore/crust will now become available on 180g vinyl in a slick, embossed and glossed gatefold jacket w/ lyrics. From the same 1993 recording session as the WARCOLLAPSE and SAUNA splits (Lanes in Boston , MA ), these brutal tracks will now see the light of day. Color vinyl is limited so act fast!! Camouflage Splatter and 1/2 Black&White wax is available!!

Discharge 'War is Hell' LP ($11.00)-
Originally released as the Discharge ‘Tour Edition’ CD (2004), this material has now been pressed onto vinyl and CD with bonus tracks. The album features 19 bombs of D-beat including their unreleased 1978 demo along with two tracks from thier 'Beginning is the End' 7". Limited white wax is available.

Bara att vänta till Attack får in Disrupten alltså, blir pärla det!!

3 kommentarer:

Anonym sa...

Ja jävlar, den plattan kommer jag beställa direkt.

Hedvux sa...

Lätt, lär ju bli hur bra som helst!!! brukar dock tyvärr ta en sväng innan Unrestsläpp dyker upp i svenska distros...

Anonym sa...

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