måndag, september 24, 2007

Det kom ett mail... BOMBENALARM i bussolycka

on Saturday 22.09. the Punk band BOMBENALARM was involved in a heavy Car accident when one front wheel blown off and the Van rolled over several times.

Two persons got heavently injured and are still on intensiv care in the Hospital while the rest of the band is more or less in a better state with more lighter injuries and some of them are already out of the Hospital.
One of the person still on intensiv care is Stachel who runs UNSOCIABLE / HATE RECORDS.
Due the fact that we don't know yet for how long Stachel will be in the Hospital and for how long he will be limited with his Label actions, we, Franz (Sabotage Rec.) and Stevie (Ruin Nation Rec) will take care of all his Distribution, Label, Book-keeping issues as far as we can.

If you have any questions, wait for orders, restocks, tour van etc, etc... get in touch with us at:
info@ruinnation.org oder info@sabotagerecords.net
Subject : STACHEL

if you have outstanding debts, invoices etc. please pay as fast as you can. if you need a bank connection, get in touch. The other person on intensiv care is "Sara" who also suffers diverse fractures.
If you want to write any of both we let you know their postal "Hospital" address upon request.

The Tour van is fully damaged as well as most parts of their Equipment. additional to this there will be huge amounts of money needed to pay for Transports, Hospital as we don't know yet how far the insurance will cover all the costs.

If you can show any solidarity, organise benefit shows / partys, all help is needed here. thank you very much and please contact us for any further infos at:
info@ruinnation.org oder info@sabotagerecords.net
Franz & Stevie

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